Want better broadband? Try Launtel.

We've all been there. You're paying for high-speed broadband, you've got a top of the line router, and your speeds are garbage. Try Launtel instead.

We’ve all been there. You’re paying for high-speed broadband, you’ve got a top of the line router, and your speeds are garbage.

You call support, only to have to engage in what seems like a small war with Terminator-like AI asking you, “in a few short words, please describe your issue so I can direct your call”.

Actual Image of TELCO Helpdesk Support

You eventually get past the T-800 only to get redirected to an offshore operator who you probably can’t quite understand. On top of this poor support, you’re likely locked into a 24-month contract.

So what are you to do? If you switch ISP, you’re probably going to have to pay a massive fee and wait for a mandatory “30-day connection” period, for which you’ll be billed.

But what if there was an ISP that offered Australian based support, no lock-in contracts and same-day connections? You’re in luck because there is, they’re called Launtel.

Who is Launtel?

According to their website, they’ve been around since 2007. But you could almost call Launtel the new kid on the block when it comes to Australian Internet Service Providers.

They’re based in Launceston, and they’re by far the best ISP I’ve ever used.

What makes Launtel different?

Launtel has a unique service model when it comes to the delivery of broadband internet services. I won’t name every point, but here are the reasons I choose Launtel:

Fast Activation

I can’t stress how quick your connection will be active with Launtel, especially if your home is connected by Fibre to the Premise (FTTP). Forgoing any issues with your line-in, you can expect your connection to be on within 20 minutes. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but the longest I’ve personally waited is 2 hours.

DIY Management Portal

You get complete control over your connection. You can change your speed, pause your service or move house – without the bloody fees! I’ve posted a screenshot of the user portal below, private details obfuscated, of course.

Launtel User Portal

What you may find interesting is that Launtel’s services are billed at a daily rate, not a monthly rate. This is how they can offer you the ability to change your speed at any time.

Gigabit Broadband (FTTP)

You read that correctly; you can get Gigabit speeds with Launtel! The #FastAF (1000/50) plan will set you at $4.60 a day or $142.60 every 31 days. Of course, you can opt for their other speed tiers at higher and lower prices.

The beauty of it is, you only pay for the highest speed tier you use on any given day. So if you just need gigabit for a day, you’ll only pay for gigabit speeds that day. So long as you change your speed back before midnight.

Speedtest.net Result – 14 Nov 2021 @ 2:15pm

Launtel, unlike other ISPs, doesn’t buy stacks of bandwidth. If you pay for your speed, you’ll get it; less overhead, of course. Even with overhead, having rates like this is still incredible. The speed test I ran above with at least 6 devices using my network at home.


Would you ever expect major telcos to publish live statistics about their network performance, usage and congestion? No? Surprise, Launtel does! More than that, they own the issues when there’s trouble on their network.

Launtel User Portal | CVC Statistics Page

You can access your user portal and check just how busy your Connective Virtual Circut (CVC) is at any time. You can also check the Point of Interconnect (PoI) and the Launtel Router’s status whenever you like. I don’t know about you, but I know of no other ISP that does this.

Incredible Support

ISPs worldwide are known for lousy customer support and less than helpful technical support whenever you call in. Fortunately, Launtel is different. They offer genuine caring, Australian based support.

I’ve only had to contact Launtel support twice. Both times they were beyond helpful. They restored my services quickly, despite having to offload onsite work to NBN Co.

On one occasion, it seemed that an NBN Co technician had simply unplugged my connection at the pit.

On the other occasion, when I could not connect at my father’s house, instead of running me around the ringer, Launtel got NBN Co to attend the property and test the line. Turns out the old copper line had corroded.

I can also say that the Launtel business team is the only ISP that I’ve shared memes with!

My Verdict + Free Trial

If it’s not clear by now, I really like Launtel! They always deliver quality service, and they’ve even got a great user community on Facebook. If you’re getting sub-standard speeds and assistance with your current ISP, give Launtel ago!

You can get a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL of their services by clicking here. That’s right, an ISP that offers a 7-day trial. If you’ve got FTTP or HFC, you can even try them out at the higher speed tiers.