Battlefield 2042 release trailer was out.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay trailer


There have been many leaks over the last few months, but we’ve finally been treated to some gameplay footage of Battlefield 2042. I’m quite excited to play, if I’m honest- though I do have some yet to be answered questions.

Cross-Play / Cross-Save

We’re yet to get confirmation on Cross-Play or Cross-Save functionality for the new Battlefield title. Personally I think they would be remiss to do so – but this is EA we’re talking about.

Private Servers (Not Community Services)

If you’re not tracking, we recently setup a 64 Player Battlefield 4 Server. This immediately made me ask – will we get private servers in Battlefield 2042? It’s hard to say to be honest.

We haven’t had true private servers since Battlefield 4. Battlefield 1 and 5 were devoid of private servers and Star Wars Battlefront 2 was void of a server browser all together. Battlefield 5 gave the player base Community Servers; but it’s not the same. Not by a mile.

So here’s hoping to private servers.