• 16 September 2021

Been looking for a game to get you thinking? I sure have. Twelve Minutes is on the menu for new games released to GamePass. Featuring the voice cast of Scottish actor James McAvoy and Starwars newest Jedi, Daisy Ridley; Take on the role of a husband on what seems like an ordinary night. Getting home from work to a wife who’s got a surprise for you (and your favourite dessert).

The night goes along smoothly until a police detective breaks in and accuses your wife of murder. To me, I saw this coming; she is a redhead after all (no disrespect); before you know it, your zip-tied to the floor, getting choked to death.

Twelve Minutes end of loop

That’s where the loop begins three minutes into the night, to back exactly after the moment you shut the front door. We all, well, most (hopefully) of us, know about the movie Groundhog Day. So it’s time to put your thinking cap on to break the loop. Otherwise, you’re doomed to live the same terror again and again…

Twelve Minutes

All in all, I give Twelve Minutes a 7.5, Highly recommend having a play if you've got Gamepass and feel the need to play something different during the drought of games till Christmas.

The "Twelve Minutes" loop can lead you to eight hours' worth of gameplay. So definitely don't be fooled by the name. The storyline in segments and as a whole can reach many people; it's simple yet in-depth as you play through. A game not set on graphics didn't look terrible, there is defiantly a lot of glitchy movements, and no collide on the character and their environment during interactions. The birds-eye view style of gameplay was different to what I'm used to, but you can see how it fits its purpose. Unfortunately, it came with its annoying kinks of not seeing some hidden areas/objects, and I found myself clicking the wrong things frequently. Something I would have liked was to have more of a jump when choosing to skip through dialogue you had already listened to; the repetition when honing in on what could be the end can be very brain-numbing.

  • Storyline
  • Puzzle skill
  • Sim like movements
  • Repetitive dialogue

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