Star Wars Battlefront 2 seemingly left to rot by Electronic Arts


In what has been an issue for about a month now, PC gamers looking to play Star Wars Battlefront 2 on official servers are out of luck.

A 1HP hack that applies the effect server-side has spread to almost, if not every official Star Wars Battlefront 2 server, rendering the game unplayable.

The 1HP hack was released on a gaming hacking forum and allowed hackers to apply a “1HP” limit to themselves. i.e. God Mode, their HP will never go below 1HP. Unfortunately, this applies to more than just the player who is hacking. So much so, it’s spread to every player on every PC server.

Xbox and PlayStation remain unaffected.

Players have taken to social media to vent their frustrations. A member of EA’s team has responded on Reddit acknowledged the issue but stopped short of offering any resolution date or plan.

EA response via Reddit

View the post here:

Beyond that, there’s been little said about the title and some fear that with the woeful launch of Battlefield 2042, EA may be reluctant to give Battlefront 2 any timely support on the matter.

Working Around It

If you want to play Battlefront 2 on PC now, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel with the release of the Kyber mod, which allows players to host and join private Battlefront 2 servers.

You can access Kyber via their website and get support for servers supporting mods via their Discord. Joining private vanilla servers is quite simple, but modded servers can be a little overwhelming for those not familiar with modding Battlefront 2.