Star Citizen 3.23: New Horizons & Under-the-Hood Tech


Cloud Imperium Games’ latest Star Citizen update, version 3.23, delivers a substantial shot of new features and improvements to the ever-evolving space sim. These additions range from immediately eye-catching changes to behind-the-scenes tech that sets the stage for the game’s ambitious future. Let’s break down what Aussie players need to know.

Critters in the ‘Verse: Not Just Window Dressing

One of the most noticeable additions in 3.23 is the introduction of dynamic fauna. Planets are no longer just lifeless rocks – now you’ll encounter creatures of various temperaments while exploring. This isn’t just about making the universe feel more alive; these critters have gameplay implications:

  • Expect to find both gentle grazers and territorial predators.
  • Each planet’s ecosystem will be unique, adding exciting variety on away missions.
  • Some creatures can become valuable resources when hunted, creating possibilities for those who like living on the edge.

Missions Get Riskier, and That’s a Good Thing

If you’re the type who thrives on a challenge, Star Citizen’s revamped mission system in 3.23 will have you grinning. Missions are now far more dynamic, with unexpected twists and turns popping up. A simple cargo run might turn into a fight for survival against opportunistic pirates. Failure will also have more tangible consequences, potentially affecting your reputation with clients and limiting future job opportunities. This update encourages a more tactical approach – scouting out mission locations ahead of time to assess the dangers might be the difference between success and a respawn.

Power to the Pilots: Refined Ship Systems

Experienced pilots will love the granular control over ship systems in 3.23. You can now reroute power on the fly, trading off between systems as needed. Ship component customization also has more tangible results, letting pilots fine-tune their vessels to perfectly match their playstyle. Combine this with 3.23’s streamlined HUD, which presents vital ship information more clearly during combat, and you’ll be equipped to handle any encounter.

The Tech That Might Change Everything

While less immediately flashy, 3.23 is set to include foundational tech overhauls with huge long-term implications:

  • Server meshing, the tech that promises massive, seamless multiplayer environments, takes its first steps in this update. Don’t expect miracles just yet, but know that progress is happening.
  • Other key additions include persistent hangars, giving your ships a permanent home in the ‘verse, and physicalized cargo loading, injecting a tactile element into those smuggling and trading runs.

Beyond the Big Stuff

Star Citizen 3.23 is littered with smaller but appreciated improvements. Exploration becomes more intuitive with a revamped star map, and the mobiGlas interface is snappier and more user-friendly. These all combine to make the ‘verse feel smoother to navigate and interact with.

As with any Star Citizen update, it’s important to remember that the game’s ongoing development means bugs and delays are a fact of life. But 3.23 represents another solid step towards the game’s grand vision, and that’s something worth celebrating.