PlayStation Plus Evolves, For Better Or Worse

Sony's PlayStation Plus program update is here, but is it a fit for you?

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s GamePass is a critical success in gaming, and it’s high time that Sony answered that success with their program. Sony has finally responded to that call with its updated PlayStation Plus offerings.

PlayStation Plus has now been broken up into a three-tier subscription system that allows consumers to choose between the aptly named Essential, Extra or Deluxe tiers. Each tier comes with its own flavour of PlayStation Plus inclusions and exclusions.

PlayStation Plus Essentials – $79.95pa

The bare Essentials, this new tier is pretty much the original PlayStation Plus service that you’ve been enjoying for some time now. A no-frills, online access pass with everything else you’ve come to expect from your subscription.

PlayStation Plus Extra – $134.95

This is where the changes begin. With PlayStation Plus Extra, you’re getting everything in Essentials and the Sony “Game Catalogue” access. This will open up your ticket to a game library of up to 400~ titles.

PlayStation Plus Deluxe – $154.95

Deluxe goes a step further, granting players access to the “Classics Catalogue” on top of all Essentials and Extra inclusions. The Classics Catalog includes PSP and PS2 games; sorry to say, there are no PS3 titles included.

PS5 Only Catch

It’s Sony, and there’s always a catch! But this is not a new issue. Game Help and The PlayStation Plus collection remain unavailable to players on PS4; they’re only available for PS5 owners if you’re lucky enough to have scored one.


It’s genuinely high time that Sony put together a GamePass competitor and offered it to its consumers. It’s a firm step in the right direction for PlayStation as a platform.

Whilst I’m disappointed that PS3 games haven’t made the cut in the Classics Collection, I’m pleased nonetheless.