Pardon our dust

We're back, but we've got a long way to go. Pardon our dust as we work towards restoring Skyhawks Australia.

Hey there, and welcome to the Skyhawks Australian Gaming Community website.

If you’re a returning member, welcome back. We’re happy to see you, and we invite you to join our Discord server and say hello. Who knows, you might even find a few familiar faces from the “good old days”.

If you’re discovering Skyhawks Australia for the first time, we welcome you! We’re always looking for fresh faces to join our community, and we also invite you to join us on discord.

Discord, what bloody Discord?! Here, join via this link:

What’s the situation?

Skyhawks Australia was originally formed in 2007, and since then, we’ve had our ups, our downs and our outright detonations. We’re a community with a lot of history that’s been held together since 2007 by our team of “grizzled ancients” *cough* administrators.

Since our inception, we’ve gone to great heights, seen a divorce or two and even experimented with a new name. With the impending launch of Halo Infinite, we’ve found ourselves with a passion for rebooting our community. We were, after all, established on Halo 3!

The mission.

Firstly, we had to establish a base of members. Through our interactions online, in forums and games such as New World (the closed beta), we’ve managed to grow to a modest size on Discord quickly.

From there, we’ve established a new community website. The one you’re reading this on right now! Spooky right? The website’s purpose will be to provide tailored gaming news to our members and be a hub for connecting our members.

When we say “connect, ” we mean bringing players together, growing our membership, and hosting community events. The website will be essential to bringing it all together.

Executing on our mission.

We’ve already set up our community Discord, which you should totally go and join right now! In addition, the website has been refreshed with a nice new coat of paint that you see right now.

A few more lofty goals to note:

  • Halo Infinite Giveaway
    • We’re excited for Halo Infinite and we’re keen to get members of the community involved. We’ll be looking to host a Halo Infinite Giveaway in the coming months. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll have the choice between the Xbox or PC version of the game.
  • Battlefield 2042 Giveaway
    • Another title we’re keen to get our hands on is Battlefield 2042. So we’re running a giveaway for this title and you’ll have the choice of platform, if you’re the winner in this instance.
  • New World Guild Stand Up
    • New World has proven to be a popular title within the community and we’ve made a lot of new friends out of the closed beta. As a result; we’re commited to making a strong stand up effort in the games full release.
  • Halo Grassroots Registration & Events
    • With Halo Infinite on the way, we’re keen to register Skyhawks as a Halo Grassroots community organisation and run some semi-competitive “play for fun” competitions for Australian gamers. Of course, if you’re from across the gap, we won’t hold it against you.
  • Discord Partnership
    • Or Discord Server is setup as a Community Server, and as we grow we want to Partner with Discord to help our community continue to grow. So don’t forget to join the discord server and invite a friend! Doing so will help increase our numbers and drive community engagement.

Streams & Content Creators Apply Within

Every good community needs some cheerleaders. Alright, maybe not cheerleaders exactly, but we’re keen to promote our community through supporting Australian Streamers.

We’ve already got our first few streamers on Twitch flying the Skyhawks flag – but we’re always looking for new talent to join our team. So if you’re a streamer or a content creator interested in joining our team, please reach out via our contact page or Discord. More to follow on this subject.

In Closing

All in all, we’re positive about the renewed interest in the community and its rapid growth to date. To newcomers, welcome.

To returning members, no matter the terms you left on – you’re welcomed back with open arms. We’re here to start something new and vibrant.

See you in-game,
<3 Jenko