Microsoft Adds Xbox Expansion Options

Microsoft has released two new storage options for the Xbox Series X|S.

Xbox and Seagate’s partnership is expanding, and so is the range of storage options for your Series X/S Xbox. Microsoft has announced that you’ll be able to enjoy both 512GB and 2TB options being added to the lineup next month.

Whilst no Australian Dollar prices have been released, the new storage options will cost you a pretty penny, that’s for sure. Below I’ve taken the listed US prices and converted them.

  • 512 GB – $139.99 USD
    • $187.53 AUD converted on 24 OCT 20
  • 2 TB – $399.99 USD
    • $535.82 AUD converted on 24 OCT 20

I suspect we’ll get hit with the good old “Australia Tax” based on these conversions. I expect the 512GB Model to come in at $200 and the 2 TB option to come in around $600.

But with far cheaper options on offer, I’m not sure how much of a market these expansion options will have.

If you’re a Telstra customer and you’re making use of the Telstra Rewards program, you can redeem a 1 TB Expansion unit free for 120 000 points or a combination of points and cash.