Halo Infinite spartan training grounds screenshot with 343 watermark.

Halo Infinite Flights could start next weekend

Halo Infinite flights are coming as soon as this weekend!

It’s the news that we’ve all been waiting for! For years now!

Players will, with some luck, be able to sink their teeth into Halo Infinite as soon as next weekend based on the latest Inside Infinite blog post from 343 Industries with the studio hinting that it could be as soon as next weekend!

That said, we’ve been given the okay to say our first Bot-focused technical preview could happen as soon as next weekend. Prior to the flight starting, we’re planning a live stream where we’ll dive into the actual build and walk through nearly every facet of the technical preview. Stay tuned. 

Inside Infinite July 2021 – Halowaypoint.com

It’s important to note that this foundation flight is tightly focused on the implementation of Bots, which come with four levels of difficulty and that your progression will not carry over to the full release.

Bots will also behave differently depending on if they’re a marine, ODST or Spartan bot. Based on Joseph Staten’s comments – these bots are not to be trifled with.

How do you join the flights?

You need to make sure that your Halowaypoint, Halo Insider profile is up to date here: Halo Insider | Halo – Official Site (halowaypoint.com)