Destiny 2 “Into the Light” Update: Onslaught, Reprised Exotics, and the Road to Final Shape

Destiny 2's latest update, "Into the Light," delivers a surge of thrilling content as Guardians prepare for the climactic confrontation with the Witness in "The Final Shape" expansion.

Destiny 2’s latest update, “Into the Light,” delivers thrilling content as Guardians prepare for the climactic confrontation with the Witness in “The Final Shape” expansion. This update introduces the all-new Onslaught mode, sees the return of iconic weapons and Exotic missions, and sets players on a path filled with exhilarating challenges.

Onslaught: A New Way to Fight

The Vanguard is under siege! Team up with fellow Guardians in this 3-player matchmade activity, battling waves of the Witness’s forces across dynamic arenas. Build defences to hold the line, then rally your fire team and launch a thrilling counterattack. Victory in Onslaught opens the doors to the Hall of Champions, a place to celebrate your triumphs with:

  • Exclusive cosmetics, weapons, and armour
  • The coveted Superblack shader and stylish new ornaments (available until June 3rd)

Brave Arsenal and Iconic Exotics

Shaxx is opening his armoury, granting Guardians access to a collection of outlawed weapons redesigned for the modern battlefield. Wield these reprised legends, like Falling Guillotine and The Mountaintop, now boasting new perks and limited-edition ornaments. This arsenal brings the power to forge your path of destruction.

The Road Ahead: Challenges and Rewards

The “Into the Light” update isn’t just about gear; it’s about proving yourself worthy of facing the Witness. Prepare for a journey of epic challenges:

  • Pantheon Raid Boss Gauntlet (May 7th): Face a weekly gauntlet of raid bosses with escalating difficulty for a chance at raid Exotics, Adept weapons, and more.
  • Reprised Exotic Missions: Conquer refreshed versions of classic Exotic missions like The Whisper (April 30th) and Zero Hour (June 4th), offering craftable Exotics and new secrets.
  • PVP Map Pack (May 14th): Battle across three new maps: Cirrus Plaza, Eventide Labs, and Dissonance.

This is Just the Beginning

“Into the Light” sets the stage for an unforgettable season in Destiny 2. Guardians, heed the call, master your weapons, and face the trials ahead. The Light and Darkness epic concludes when you prepare yourself for the challenges leading to “The Final Shape.”