Crysis Remastered Trilogy Gets Xbox Comparison

Ready to play Crysis on your Nintendo Switch? Because you'll soon be able to.

Everyone has heard the adage “but, can it run Crysis?”, a nod to the 2007 Crytek title Crysis and how it would punish gaming systems. Flashback to an Intel Core 2 Duo and an Nvidia 9600GT sweating to get the game running.

You would think some 14 years later, just about anything could play Crysis, and this is soon to be the case with Crytek remastering the entire Crysis trilogy for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even Nintendo Switch!

Clip: Crysis running on Nintendo Switch. Click here for the full gallery.

If you had asked me 14 years ago if I ever thought we could be playing Crysis on a handheld, I would have laughed at you. But the amount of power you can put in your hands these day’s is incredible.

Gamers who pick up the PC remaster can expect 8K Textures, HDR support, temporary anti-aliasing, and more in the remaster, which is sure to look incredible on high-end PC’s. You’ll even get to enjoy ray tracing!

While Crysis evokes some fond memories, I can’t help but ask – where’s the multiplayer? The remaster addresses the single-player component of the fabled titles. Oh, how I long to play Power Struggle on Mesa again.

It hasn’t been all good news for Crytek, as the game was delayed in early July due to fan backlash over the less than impressive graphics. However, Crytek responded to the fanbase in kind, and they seem to be delivering on their promise.

Continuing this, the Crytek team has followed up with a Tweet late last night (our time) with Crytek showing off the remaster running on Xbox Series X in comparison to the 360. The video is at the top of this post. It’s impressive, to say the very least.

While I won’t get to relive my memories on Mesa, flying around in a VTOL and capturing objectives – I’m keen to get my hands on the remaster and play through the campaign once again. I can hear prophet yelling in my ear now, NOMAD!