Battlefield 4 Keyart

Our Battlefield 4 server – 24/7 Conquest Large (Closed)


Update: Our Battlefield 4 server has now closed, we would like to thank everyone who participated in it’s revival.

With the announcement of Battlefield 2042, we thought it was time to prop up a new Battlefield 4 Server, what we didn’t expect was the huge influx of players we’ve seen! At the time of writing, the server has been packed 24/7.

If you’re new to the server, welcome! We’re happy to see you!

Some Ground Rules

  • To ensure smooth gameplay the server has a ping limit of 185, higher pings will result in a kick.
  • Abuse of Server Administrators will not be tolerated; nor will sustained abuse of other players. Keep it clean!
  • If you have a genuine issue – please join our discord and we will assist you.

Our Platoon

We’re not playing competition here but we are keen to prop up our numbers again and get new people into the fold in time for Battlefield 2042. So if you’re interested you can join our platoon by clicking here.

Future Server Changes

To be honest I’m not holding out hope that Battlefield 2042 will have private servers. If it does; we will likely retire the Battlefield 4 server and setup a 2042 server.

If there are no private 2042 servers we may look at splitting our server allocation into two 32 player servers. But we will hold a town hall before we make that call.

For now please jump in and enjoy the game! It’s been great seeing everyone online!