Battlefield 2042’s Road to Redemption: A “State of the Game” Update

Battlefield 2042's launch was nothing short of disastrous. However, DICE has been hard at work fixing the game, and it's time to revisit Battlefield 2042 to see how far it's come.

Battlefield 2042’s launch was nothing short of disastrous. In my previous article, “Why I Refunded Battlefield 2042...”, I outlined the game-breaking bugs, missing features, and server woes that plagued its debut. However, DICE has been hard at work fixing the game, and it’s time to revisit Battlefield 2042 to see how far it’s come.

Key Improvements

Let’s address the major issues first:

  • Those Infamous Bugs: Many of the most frustrating bugs, like being unable to respawn or deploy, have been addressed. While issues may still pop up, they’re far less pervasive.
  • Server Stability: While not perfect, server performance has vastly improved. Crashes and disconnects are less frequent, making the gameplay experience much smoother overall.
  • Revivals and Respawning: Dying and reviving is now much more reliable. Players are no longer left in limbo or forced to restart the game due to spawning issues.
  • Quality of Life Features: Missing features like team switching and joining squads have been added, improving the core multiplayer experience.

Beyond Bug Fixes

DICE has gone further than just patching the most glaring flaws. Here’s what else has changed:

  • Maps Revisited: Several maps have undergone significant reworks to improve flow, cover, and balance, making them more enjoyable to play.
  • New Content: New weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and specialists have been introduced, adding variety and depth to gameplay.
  • Balance Changes: Constant weapon and vehicle adjustments ensure that no single item dominates the battlefield, creating a more balanced meta.
  • Portal’s Potential Unleashed: The community has embraced Portal mode, crafting wildly creative experiences. The continuous addition of classic content keeps Portal feeling fresh.

Lingering Issues

While Battlefield 2042 has made great strides, it’s not without its current flaws:

  • Optimisation: Performance issues still persist for some players, hindering smooth gameplay on certain hardware setups.
  • Specialist Debate: The Specialist system remains divisive, with some players yearning for a return to the traditional class model.
  • “Soulless” Criticism: Some still perceive the game as lacking the atmosphere and grit of past Battlefield titles.

The Verdict: Is It Worth Revisiting?

Battlefield 2042’s transformation is undeniable. Many of the reasons players like me were initially frustrated have been addressed. While it might not win over those who fundamentally dislike its core design choices, it’s now a far more functional and enjoyable shooter. Whether you’re a lapsed player or haven’t yet given it a shot, now is a great time to see what the “new” Battlefield 2042 has to offer.

The Importance of Community

The turnaround of Battlefield 2042 is a testament to both DICE’s commitment and the passion of the community. Your voices and feedback played a crucial role in driving change.