RTX 30 series prices are falling, in Germany.

Nvidia RTX-30 series prices are falling, just not here.

Gamers rejoice, for the silicone gods are willing to lower their prices. Well, in Germany, at that is, if numbers from 3DCenter.org are accurate. Based on their figures the Nvidia’s 30 series cards are dropping in price.

The price is also falling a little quicker than AMD’s RX 6000 series of GPUs, and this could, with any luck, lead to Nvidia’s MSRP continuing to fall.

(Image credit: 3dcenter.org)

According to the above price chart from 3DCenter.org, RX 6000 series cards were priced closer to list pricing than their Nvidia equivalents, the better part of 2021’s first half.

It seems now that we’ve hit August, GPU prices for Nvidia cards have continued to fall, while AMD’s prices have started to climb. This is good news for gamers who had been forking out upwards of a 300% MSRP markup in the wake of extremely high demand for GPU’s.

Whether or not these savings will make it down under remains to be seen.