Ghost of Tsushima PC Cross-Play: It’s Here, But It’s a Beta

Ghost of Tsushima is finally slicing its way onto PC, and cross-play is on the cards... but there's a catch or two. Get ready for a beta-flavoured samurai showdown with your PSN mates, but don't expect seamless matchmaking just yet. Oh, and that whole PlayStation account link thing? Yeah, that's still a bit of a sticky wicket...

Samurai fans, rejoice! Ghost of Tsushima is finally slicing its way onto PC, and cross-play is in the mix. However, before you start sharpening your katanas for epic cross-platform duels, there’s a slight catch: it’s launching as a beta.

Cross-Play, But Not Quite Cross-Platform…Yet

Nixxes Software, the masterminds behind the PC port, announced that cross-play will be functional from launch day, but only for those inviting their PlayStation Network (PSN) friends to join their game. Automatic matchmaking across platforms isn’t available right away, which is a bit of a bummer for folks who were hoping to instantly clash blades with their PS5 mates in the Legends multiplayer mode.

The bright side is that Nixxes is actively seeking feedback on the cross-play experience, promising adjustments in the weeks after launch. Hopefully, this means a fully functional cross-platform matchmaking system is on the horizon.

The PSN Login Hangover

The mandatory PSN account link for the multiplayer portion of Ghost of Tsushima is a leftover from the recent Helldivers 2 controversy. Remember that debacle? Sony copped a lot of flak for forcing players to sign into PSN on Steam. This time, they’ve at least made single-player mode accessible without a PSN account. However, gamers in countries where PSN is unavailable are out of luck entirely, with Steam automatically refunding those purchases. Talk about adding insult to injury.

New Overlay, New Possibilities

Despite the hiccups, Ghost of Tsushima on PC does bring something new to the table: a snazzy overlay with trophy support and other PlayStation perks. It’s a first for a PlayStation Studios game on Steam, so fingers crossed it’s well implemented. Whether it’s enough to smooth over the cross-play disappointment remains to be seen.

The Verdict

Ghost of Tsushima on PC is undoubtedly exciting news, and the cross-play beta is a step in the right direction. However, the PSN login requirement and lack of immediate cross-platform matchmaking feel like missed opportunities. As the game launches on May 16th, we’ll keep a close eye on the community’s reception and hope for a quick fix from Nixxes.