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Skyhawks Australia Battlefield 4 Server

Battlefield 4 Server

64 Player – 24/7 – Conquest Large

Given all the hype for Battlefield 2042, we saw fit to relaunch our 24/7 Battlefield 4 server, hosted in Sydney!

Server Details

New World Company

Eridu Syndicate Company

Are you braving the new world? Join us on Eridu we’re a Syndicate company! We’re also a part of the Eridu Syndicate Council.

Eridu Syndicate Discord

Spartan Company

Established 2007

It’s only natural that we have a Spartan Company. If you play any Halo title, we encourage you to join our Spartan Company.

Spartan Company

Battlefield 4 Server

64 Player – 24/7 – Conquest Large

If you’re looking to join the conversation and really become a part of the community, you should join our community discord server.

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Physical Address

304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124