There have been many leaks over the last few months, but we’ve finally been treated to some gameplay footage of Battlefield 2042. I’m quite excited to play, if I’m honest- though I do have some yet to be answered questions.

Cross-Play / Cross-Save

We’re yet to get confirmation on Cross-Play or Cross-Save functionality for the new Battlefield title. Personally I think they would be remiss to do so – but this is EA we’re talking about.

Private Servers (Not Community Services)

If you’re not tracking, we recently setup a 64 Player Battlefield 4 Server. This immediately made me ask – will we get private servers in Battlefield 2042? It’s hard to say to be honest.

We haven’t had true private servers since Battlefield 4. Battlefield 1 and 5 were devoid of private servers and Star Wars Battlefront 2 was void of a server browser all together. Battlefield 5 gave the player base Community Servers; but it’s not the same. Not by a mile.

So here’s hoping to private servers.